Paper, ribbons and labels.

We stock a full range of paper roll, ribbon / ink rollers and labels for most cash registers, printers and weigh labellers.

Paper Rolls

We stock a large range of thermal and bond paper products at competitive pricing. The list below is just the most common paper rolls - if you don't see the paper you need give us a call as it may well be in stock.

Thermal 80x80mm, Thermal 57x57mm, Thermal 57x80mm, Thermal 44x76mm, Bond 76x76mm (Single, Double and Triple ply), Bond 44x76mm and many more...

To order please call (02) 6621 2667 or 0412 663 253

Ribbons & Ink Rollers

From cash register ink rollers, kitchen printer ribbons to Zebra card printing supplies - we have you covered. Some of the common ribbons we carry include ERC-18, ERC-32, ERC-38 (Purple or Black/Red), IR40 and many more..

To order please call (02) 6621 2667 or 0412 663 253


We stock a wide range of labels both pre-printed labels and blanks, die cut and continuous. Along with the standard Ishida labels - LIN301, LIN302, LIN303 - we stock labels in many sizes or we can arrange for custom runs of special label sizes or colours.